I am hungry for life and for glory and that includes food and also guns. Food and guns can transform a room from being a stale get together to being a rooting-tooting good time. I cannot express the need for anyone who hasn’t tried a gun to try one. The experience could possibly change the way you view firearms. I could be wrong but I think it is worth a try. If you like shooting a gun no need to thank me because I will just say…told you so. You can shoot semi-automatic handguns and you can shoot fully automatic AK47’s both will give you a difference that is felt and heard. Most fully automatic weapons are illegal for civilian[…]

I used to try various things with my shampoo but nothing truly worked. But I head from my stylist something that I have never heard earlier than. It’s that you should positioned the purple shampoo (reviewed by maple holistics) on when the hair is dry. Before everything I didn’t consider my ears. Positioned the shampoo on at the same time as my hair is dry?! That’s loopy! Who places shampoo on dry hair? That’s total loopy talk. I have heard of seeking to put the pink shampoo earlier than you wash it and I heard approximately after you wash it however I have never heard of placing the pink shampoo on dry hair. This concept literally blew my mind. So[…]